I have been an artist all of my life. It is my belief that we are all born artists. When a small child draws a picture that they are quite proud of, they hold the picture high in the air and exclaim with pride, “Look, I’m an artist!” And of course they are, because something new has been created in the universe. It doesn’t matter if it’s a picture of a flower and there have been thousands, even millions, of pictures of flowers drawn by children over the ages. That one flower is different and unique, because it has been created by a singularly unique child and it brings more beauty and delight into the world.

I believe in the power of the imagination to introduce new worlds and ideas to us and it is my goal, as an artist, to remind you of what a magical childhood can look like. By my will, expressed through art and writing, I intend to bless others with images of beauty and delight, as these are reflections of the beauty and delight that reside in your own, unique soul. I am also a storyteller and my images all have stories about them. The best ones are the ones that you are inspired to tell about a certain image. If what has been created pulls at your heart and makes your soul smile, than I am delighted by that.

I primarily use soft pastels and colored pencils in my work. I have done some painting, mostly acrylic, but I do love drawing the best! I’ve done many art shows, illustrated books and have had my art animated into a short film that was shown on the ceiling of the Arizona Science Center’s Dorrance Planetarium as part of their ART360 series, which is a brilliant way to view art accompanied by music. This website is designed to be a delight for the eyes and a place to seek a small piece of magic in a weary world.