Healing Animal Paintings

Energy healing can be applied to people or animals in many different ways. The most common techniques are hands on healing, such as Reiki, and long distance healing. Healing Animal Paintings are created to send loving energy to your pet. When creating these paintings, both Usui and Shamballa Reiki are used to channel wonderful healing energy to your animal friends. These beautiful paintings are $165 and include free shipping. Their size is 16×20 inches and they are created using acrylic paints, paint markers and glitter. I have also done these portraits as memorials for passed over pets and messages from them can come through the painting, which I include with the mailing. I accept payment through Venmo or Paypal. Email me at leilagenie@gmail.com to order and I will send you a payment link. I look forward to working with the beautiful animals in your life!