Soul Portraits

A Soul Portrait is a snapshot of what your Divine Soul most wants you to know now. This type of portrait depicts this information in symbolic form and contains information about spirit guides, past lives, life purpose and other useful information. William Shakespeare once said that all of life is a play and we are merely actors on a stage, so think of the Soul Portrait as a costume you are currently wearing for the play you are currently in. During the course of your lifetime, you will wear many costumes and be in many plays, because there is so much to do here and each “play” is a new adventure. When I channel these portraits, I look for the information you most need now in your life.

One Soul Portrait will include information about 3 past lives, messages from 2 spirit guides and 2 stone recommendations for working with the energy in your life. Below are samples of Soul Portraits I’ve done in the past. Please email me at if you would like to purchase one.